Igniting Innovations



AuxBrains Ventures Private Limited is envisaged to bring together a few pioneering start ups in selected domains. The Venture started it's baby steps in 2014 and grew to a private limited company on 9 October, 2019 Auxbrains have successfully completed two patients filings. And the founder director is a protagonist in case studies published Harvard Business Review and Ivey League Business Case Repository. A case study is in Emeralds Emerging Markets Case Study is in final stage.

Our focus and expertise is on Technology enabled business solutions. Our daughter companies are LawyersPool.com, Uulaala.com and Momingly.com. Lawyers pool.com is the first Customizable Personal Teleconsulting Platform for lawyers in the country. Uulaalaa is made with the intention of providing a platform for part-time job seekers whereas Momingly aims to provide the best homemade food straight from kitchen to the foodies in town.

Auxbrains Ventures Pvt LTD is now an enterprise registered under Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) Unique ID - DIPP53966, and Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) Unique ID - DIPP53966/2019/KSUM807, and is physically incubated at the Centre for Social Innovation and Incubation at Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology, Kochi, Kerala.

The Baby Neurons of AuxBrains

AuxBrains aims to dig deep into the untapped potential domains and provide the best possible platform for budding, zealous individuals to showcase their talents and passion alongside significant monetary benefits.


Holi Lights

Patent Application Number: PCT/IN2018/050054

Over the years, man has been attempting to find an effective, efficient, less expensive and eco-friendly source of energy which is capable of meeting the desirable demands associated with the modern day living, commerce and technology. In the recent 15 years, trapping energy from lightning has got more attention and as a result there had been a considerable number of systems and methods for trapping lightning energy. Auxbrains innovations "Holi Lights" team is in the process of prototyping an energy conversation system and more particularly, a system for trapping lightning in a distributed network and extracting energy from a lightning and a method thereof.
Patent: Advanced Centralized Distributed Lightning Arrestor Network with Power Distributor and Energy Conversation Mechanism


Momingly Rainbow Cake Set

Patent Application Number: 328236-001

Food industry is complex, and technology plays a lead role in optimizing the process and tools used in this industry, thereby,devising the industry innovative as well as efficient. The bakery and confectionery market is expected to reach a value of nearly $1112.93 billion figure by 2022, significantly growing at a CAGR of 7.7% during the forecast period. This is one of the segments in the food industry in which creativity is the key to excel. There are multiple techniques used to create soothing eye-opening designs to delight the customers. Rainbow cake is one of the evergreen designs which is followed by both kids as well as the adults. But the struggle to make a good multi-layered cake needs a lot of skill and expertise, and the existing conventional vertical layering design to accommodate 7 colours is tiresome to manufacture, inefficient in design and non-optimal usage of ingredients as well as the packaging. We, at Auxbrains, have designed and patented an innovative tool to address this problem. This tool will help manufacturing industries to make large volumes by maintaining high quality of design output. As someone rightly said, "Baking is an art, and a well-designed tools can elevate a baker to a great artist", and Momingly Rainbow Cake Ring Tool is all set to unleash the artists in baking industry.



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We all have moved out of the comfort of our homes to take on what life throws at us, at one or the other phase of our lives. The first thing that we start missing straight away is the hot food cooked and served by our dear mothers. Momingly.com cures these cravings by bringing together moms from all walks of lives and brings to you those homely delicacies, with that extra pinch of love. With our initiative, we aim to showcase the culinary skills of those homemakers, who are passionate about cooking and love to fill the tummies which long for quality food.



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Social contacts in real life have already reduced to a minimum. Moving towards a home- office work environment has been undisputedly beneficial for lawyers. Remote consultation has radically gained new relevance amid the developing coronavirus pandemic. And this trend is here to stay. LawyersPool.com is a platform designed to connect lawyers and their clients through an online hassle-free environment. LawyersPool.com introduces the best in class cutting edge technology for the legal consultancy segment to provide the best possible user experience for both the lawyers and their clientele.



Have you ever felt the joy in pursuing your passion at least as a part-time opportunity? Have you ever thought that you are too good to limit yourself within the boundary of one organization with limited tangible benefits? Well, we have a solution to your problems. Uulaala.com helps you jump into a world of opportunities that are wide open to everyone. May it be a software engineer interested to work with a rock band, a student who wants to utilize his free time for some pocket money, a waiter in a restaurant chain who would like to be a part-time driver or anything that someone requires. Uulaala.com filters the type of job you require in a wide range of sectors to celebrate your spare time for an additional income.



There was a time in the past when clay pots were indispensable, invincible elements of human evolution. Clay pots ruled the roost and well-utilized for storing, cooking, potting and transportation. However, the sheer fragility of pots made with clay soon nullified its myriad advantages. The clay pots’ unbreakable rivals – metals and plastic – soon barged into the scenario, pushing the veteran clay pot to the lowest end of the popularity ladder. Clay made cookwares are no longer looked down upon as a traditional memento of mankind’s past but as healthier, eco-savvy alternatives for modern maladies. The rise in health hazards posed by plastic and metallic vessels has necessitated the revival of clay made vessels. Induction cooker is gaining its popularity and scaling its market share. But, by nature of the clay material, clay made utensils are not induction cooker friendly. Auxbrains innovations teams initiative “KUSHAVA” envisage to address this issue by different methods like- a) designing clay utensils with metallic base, b) a multi shaped metallic dispenser that can be used in induction cookers to make any type of vessel, with any shape at the bottom- induction friendly. Auxbrains innovations team have already developed a prototype that make the clay/mud pots more adaptable to Induction waves. Molding pots with an induction friendly base and altering the mud/clay composite has made conventional clay pots to acclimatize to the changes that happens during induction. We hope, very soon, we will be able to build a line up of ecofriendly induction friendly crockery products, which will also reengineer the potential job opportunities of the conventional craftsmen of the country.